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Small Business Owners Are Now Able to Save Time Networking, Connect to More Prospects, & Get More Sh*t Done on a Daily Basis With a zBizcard.

Still using those paper business cards that are inefficient at best...at worst they are a total time suck? Instantly connect with prospects when you go to your next networking event. The zBizcard allows you to:


Digitally exchange contact information of people you meet networking with just a few clicks.


Have your networking contacts instantly connect with you on the social media channels of your choice.


Schedule follow up calls & meetings right away with your very own automated appointment system.
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Generate your list of networking contacts so you don't leave the piles of business cards collecting dust on your desk, in a box, or worse...in the trash.


Communicate the value of your products and services through strategically planned series of structured emails, texts, videos & more....


Automate the whole entire sales process so you can see who is genuinely interested in the products and services you offer...saving time, effort, and money.
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Change the colors, components, and buttons of your digital business card whenever you like. It's fully customizable.
Your prospects can instantly connect with you accross all of the social media accounts you designate.
Increase engagement with the ability to add surveys and schedule appointments to your digital bizcard.

Here are Just Some Cool Features of the

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Custom Logo

Add your company's logo and customize colors to make this digital biz card your own.

Custom Greeting

Create a custom greeting message that will wow your prospects & customers

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Prospects instantly add your contact info & store it to their phone in just 3 of clicks.
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Name & Position

Add all your basic info such as name, company info, position or title, and more to your bizcard.

Audio or Video

Greet visitors with your warm welcoming audio or video to build instant trust and rapport.

Social Media Links

Choose your social media profiles & direct people where to instantly connect with you.

1 Click Text Messaging

Send your digital business card with a 1 click pre-poluated text message that is ready to send.

Here's What Some of Our Client's Are Saying...


This whole process has saved me a ton of time. I no longer have to enter stacks of business cards into my contact manager.


The owner of the company overheard my conversation about the bizcard and asked me to do a presentation the following week.

About zBizcard

Digital business cards help you to save time while networking while helping you to become more productive. No more wasting time with tedious tasks such as adding people to your phone or playing phone tag to get a meeting. Your ptospects can instantly connect and communicate with you through your digital zBizcard.

Get Yours Now

Want to you get your hands on the zBizcard so you can become more effective & productive while networking? If the answer is yes then go to zBizcard.com to get your customized digital business card created for you right now. Act now & get the survey and appointment upgrades completely free for 30 days!