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Chat Widget

Adding a chat widget to your website will give you more chances for your website visitors to interact with you and your business. Chat widgets like this can work seamlessly with your CRM and are VERY INEXPENSIVE. Click on the button and go to the next page to watch the short video and demo it for yourself. You can get a 30 day trial and can even work with text messaging.

Text/SMS Messaging Demo #2

SMS/Text message marketing is one of the EASIEST and cost effective ways to keep in front of your prospects and customers. Not only are text messages almost ALWAYS SEEN & READ. You can be sure your offers, coupons, and updates are where customers are every second of the day. Click to check out a few SMS DEMOS.

30 Days of Social Media Posts

How many business owners that you know don't have the time or the assets to post on social media every week? Don't worry! We were just as guilty for a time and we definitely feel your pain. That's why we're providing you with 30 days of social media posting so you can engage more with your customers. NOTE: THESE ARE GENERIC!! ie. Holidays, questions, facts, & funnies

Online Scratch & Win Cards

Digital scratch & win cards are great for restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, boutiques, salons, clothing store, retail, and any business where you can give away samples or coupons to acquire new customers or to keep current customers coming back again and again. Click on the button to go the next page to SCRATCH & WIN!