Profile: General Profile Settings
Uploading your image, setting your time zone, and linking your social media accounts to your profile.
Creating Default Availability on your Calendar
Setting up default availability settings for your booking calendar.

Google Calendar Setup
Understanding the Google calendar 2 way integration, calendar display and booking settings, and allowing Survay integration permissions
Language Settings
Survay is loaded with different language settings. How to set up language settings for your booking calendar.
Default Reminder Settings
Set up your default reminder settings for both the user and yourself for your appointments. Calendars can also have their own settings.
The Zoom Integration
Overview of Zoom integration, required account type, and how to link your Zoom account to your Survay account.


Step1: The Basic Appointment
How to clone settings from prior appointments, creating a new appointment, and creating meeting instructions for the appointment.
Step 2: Setting up Your Availability
Set duration/length for appointments, set number of attendees allowed to schedule in each slot, select start and end dates and much more.
Step 3: Advanced Appointment Settings
Setting appointment buffers, advance notice for appointments, limiting available appointment slots, and allowing changes to appointments.
Step 4: The Basic Appointment
Setting up fields and automation: what required information is collected from the user setting the appointment, and set up reminders.
Step 5: Customizing the Booking Page
Customizing and adding logos, profile picture, social media accounts, showing other appointment types, and adding video.
Step 6: Publishing Your Appointment
Setting the domain, I-framing on web pages, creating & customizing your appointment widgets, and how to embed your scripts.